Social Good

creating jobs with world-class benefits, fueling economic

development through partnerships, and improving

standards of living using design thinking


What is our social good?

We believe the best path to economic development and poverty elimination is by directly employing those who can benefit most from a stable, living wage and a dignified profession. Health clinics and food aid programs have their place, but we believe that it is only when people feel financially secure that they start to make better choices for themselves and their families. Thus, we provide people with training and education and then directly employ them at our company at above-market wages.

We then turbo-charge the effects of financial security by providing our employees and their families with a world-class array of benefits via either direct efforts or through partnerships with other qualified organizations. These benefits include quality healthcare, education, nutrition, a robust savings plan, affordable home financing, as well as other benefits that are proven to increase the well-being of people in a cost-effective way.


Where do we aim to eliminate poverty?

Due to a range of factors such as the extent of extreme poverty, international trade agreements, potential for cooperation from local and national governments, proximity to the U.S., and our own reach and people network, we have chosen our first country of benefit to be Nicaragua.

Nicaragua suffers from the second highest poverty rate in the Western hemisphere. However, it has an improving business climate and efforts by its government have recently established Nicaragua as the safest country in Central America.


Why men's dress shirts...or even menswear in general?

We have chosen men's apparel as our first target industry because of two reasons:

  1. The lack of quality, well-fitting menswear at an affordable price is a personal pain point of our founder who wanted something better than a $40 ill-fitting off-the-rack dress shirt but thought it was ridiculous to spend $300 for a high-quality custom-fitted dress shirt. It turns out many people feel the same way and this extends to pants, suits, casual shirts and more (though we're starting with only dress shirts). 
  2. Making Saville Row and Napolitano quality dress shirts is a very labor intensive process. Thus producing this product will help us employ many people within our target regions.


Why a business and not a non-profit organization?

We have chosen to do this via a double bottom-line social enterprise because we believe it will help us keep our people and our mission at heart while forcing the discipline and efficiency of a for-profit organization. We believe a double bottom-line social enterprise combines the best of both the for-profit and non-profit sectors and provides a sustainable path to long-term prosperity for the company and its people.


We would love to hear from you!

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