The Finest Shirt_Old

a charming combination

of quality materials, expert craftsmanship, and impressive fit


gorgeous FABRIC

We start with not just any Egyptian cotton but the specific Giza 87 variety, one of the world's finest. Less than 1% of the shirts sold by most brands--including Armani, Brooks Brothers, and Versace--are made of this cotton.

The Giza 87 cotton is then twisted into two-ply yarn for a stronger fiber. The resulting yarn is then weaved 160 times across every inch, both vertically and horizontally, to produce a silky fabric with a lustrous finish.


Features you didn't even know you wanted - From 100-stitch Mother of Pearl buttons and MadeRight® collars to a RelaxMode® lowered second button and a super-dense 165 stitches per inch, we made our shirts to last.

300 years - Our tailors are trained by craftsmen with a combined three centuries of experience designing mens' shirts. You will be impressed by how well constructed our shirt is.




If it doesn't fit right it doesn't look right. Our shirts are designed with split yokes and extended shoulders for a refined look. More importantly, to get you the right fit, we offer an unprecedented 100 different sizes for you to choose from.

Not sure what size to order? Not a problem. Order up to five different sizes and return the ones that don't fit. Shipping is on us, both ways!