We delight our customers with menswear of astounding quality, while channeling fully half of our profits to research-based, data-driven poverty elimination efforts in developing countries.

Consumers enjoy our brand because it provides them with great fitting clothing of exquisite quality with the ease and convenience of online ordering and free 3-day shipping. People believe in our brand because of the mission this company is founded upon: to lift communities out of poverty by providing those most in need the financial security of a full-time job. We hire and train people to become tailors, craftsmen and seamstresses in rural Nicaragua, which is where our current economic development efforts lie.

We believe that refinement doesn't have to be pompous, luxury doesn't have to come at the cost of conscience, and philanthropy doesn't have to require giving. We believe that the value we deliver to you should be based on the qualities of our product alone. Any benevolence that results is simply a byproduct--albeit a very powerful one--of our hybrid enterprise model.